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the Major

Biology Program Requirements for Graduation

In addition to the college-wide distribution and First-Year Seminar requirements, biology majors must complete a senior project of original scientific research and courses satisfying the core,  elective and seminar components of the biology major described below.

Before moderation a student should have taken at least one one-hundred level biology course, Principles of Chemistry I & II and either Eukaryotic Genetics, or Ecology and Evolution, or their equivalents.

Core Courses
  1. At least one semester of a 100-level biology course numbered above 140.  Students typically take these courses during their first year.
  2. Biology 201, Eukaryotic Genetics and Biology 202, Ecology and Evolution.  Students typically take these courses during their second year.
  3. Biology 144, Biostatistics.  Students typically take this course in their second or third year.
  4. Principles of Chemistry I and II.  Students typically take these courses in their first year. 
Elective Courses 
  1. A minimum of 8 credits in biology laboratory courses at the 300-level or greater.
  2. A minimum of 4 credits in 400-level courses.  All 400-level courses require students to read and present the primary literature.
Biology Seminar Series
The 1-credit Biology Seminar course is offered every semester.  All Biology majors must take the course for credit at least twice before graduation.