Prof. Dueker on Citizen Science and Environmental Justice

Citizen science sees a boom in participation by people motivated by cuts of environmental protections and Covid-19 impacts on data gathering and justice.

“There isn’t enough environmental monitoring to begin with, and it will only decrease,” said Eli Dueker, a professor of environmental and urban studies at Bard College. “So what we end up with is community scientists often working with research scientists to fill that gap. And that can be really effective because it allows communities to know the pollution hot spots with both air and water.”

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Perron Lab: New genome announcement

Several new genome sequences of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus velezensis strains were published by the Perron lab. These beneficial bacteria are important for making of many traditional fermented foods, and these strains in particular were isolated from samples of Kimchee cabbage.

Two Perron lab alums, Tejaswee Neupane, and Rachael Mendoza, are coauthors on this paper, as most of the work was done by them as a part of their senior projects!

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Citation: Perron, G. G., Neupane, T., & Mendoza, R. A. (2020). Draft Genome Sequences of Bacillus subtilis Strains TNC1 (2019), TNC3 (2019), and TNW1 (2019), as Well as Bacillus velezensis Strains TNC2 (2019) and TNW2 (2019), Isolated from Cabbage Kimchee. Microbiology Resource Announcements, 9(23).

Image source: WIkipedia