Introductory Courses for Majors (140-level)

Introductory courses for biology majors are typically offered either every year, or every other year. In addition to four-credit courses that have both lecture and laboratory components, we offer two-credit practicums that focus specifically on the conduct of research.

Full courses (lectures and a lab; 4 credits):

  • Environmental Microbiology (Brooke Jude)
  • Global Change Biology (Bruce Robertson)
  • Introduction to Plant Biology (Emily Pollina)
  • From Genes to Traits (Michael Tibbetts)
  • Introduction to Neurobiology (Arseny Khakhalin)

Practicum courses (lab only; 2 credits):

  • Microbial Techniques Workshop (Brooke Jude)
  • Practicum in Neuroethology (Arseny Khakhalin)