RKC at dusk

Reem and Kayden Center (RKC)

The Reem and Kayden Center for Science and Computation opened in Fall 2007. This dramatic 42,000-square-foot building houses biology and computer laboratories as well as science lecture halls and classrooms. A chemistry wing opened in winter 2009.

The main floor of the Center houses three large, self-contained “smart” classrooms—their circular walls extending into the lobby—and an auditorium, capable of seating 65 people. Labs lining the entire western side of the building are framed by glass walls and overlook woods leading down a slope to Annandale Road, whose curves are paralleled by the science building’s fluid lines. The second floor features a suspended walkway. This level includes biology, computer science, and mathematics faculty offices, cantilevered above the lobby, with solid glass walls that echo those on the opposite side of the building. Bridges link the walkway to open spaces atop the three protruding classrooms. Students and faculty use these spaces for study sessions, computer work, and informal conversations. Such meeting places were designed to emphasize the close-knit quality of educational culture at Bard, providing areas for quiet study while simultaneously opening up opportunities for students to connect with other students and faculty.