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The Bard College biology program offers courses and research opportunities in the most exciting areas of biology research today -- biodiversity, neuroscience, emerging infectious diseases, climate change, evolution, and more. Students in the program receive outstanding preparation for all areas of graduate study in the biological sciences and health professions. Our program gives all students the opportunity to be critical thinkers in the world of science, and to gain hands-on experience designing and conducting biological experiments.

Biology majors are encouraged to take full advantage of educational opportunities available outside of the sciences. The college has a number of opportunities that complement a biology major, including an intensive science-focused semester in New York City as part of the Bard-Rockefeller Semester in Science, secondary majors in Global Public Health and Science, Technology, and Society and a coterminal master's degree program with the Bard Center for Environmental Policy.

Research is a fundamental component of the Bard curriculum. Bard biology students can participate in ongoing faculty research and conduct independent research throughout their years at Bard. Many of our students conduct research in their first and second years. The Bard-Rockefeller program gives Bard students the opportunity to conduct research in the labs of Rockefeller University's scientists.

In their final year at Bard, all students complete a senior project, which consists of independent original research. These projects are often the highlight of students' educational experiences at Bard.


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Distinguished Scientist Scholarship Applications 2012-2013

All current students concentrating in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics or physics are eligible to apply for a Distinguished Scientist Scholar (DSS) Award. These awards are given to exceptional students who have distinguished themselves academically in one of the disciplines in the division of Science, Mathematics and Computing.Please note that this is a very competitive process and only a few awards will be given out each year. Please download the application guidelines for further information.
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